The Massachusetts legislature consistently receives some of the worst grades in the country for transparency and public records laws. We cannot hold our elected officials accountable when they hide behind unrecorded votes. I promise to publish a comprehensive list of my record, with accompanying explanations and reasoning.

  • Action Item: Maintain voting log
  • Action Item: End legislative exemptions from Public Records and Open Meeting laws
  • Action Item: Introduce legislation to make recorded votes the default in the State Legislature
  • Action Item: Sponsor the We The People Act to take dark money out of politics

enhance voting access

To truly have a government of the people, by the people, for the people, we need every eligible citizen to vote. According to PEW Center data, voting rates are high among people who are registered – the problem lies in the barriers that prevent people from this preliminary stage. Voting is a fundamental aspect of our free society. The state must facilitate easy access to voting with automatic voter registration.

  • Action Item: Sponsor automatic voter registration
  • Action Item: Same-day voter registration
  • Action Item: No-excuse absentee ballots
  • Action Item: Extend early voting for all elections

Combat centralization of power

With long-time politicians dictating the agenda on Beacon Hill, our Commonwealth has become beholden to the will of a few key establishment officials. Term limits for legislators will prevent our public servants from getting too comfortable. We will all benefit from the more regular stream of fresh ideas that fresh faces produce.

  • Action Item: Introduce process to install term limits
  • Action Item: Redirect the "new salary" money into district institutions
  • Action Item: Restore "clean elections" programs

Cut the Red Tape

At age 19, I started working in constituent services, learning firsthand the value of frequent engagement with constituents. Whether it be securing state benefits, or assisting with insurance, monitoring claims with state agencies, or outlining available services, creating easy access to state resources delivers tangible benefits to constituents. I will prioritize this integral aspect of governance. These individualized interactions illuminate the unintended shortcomings of legislation, providing insight to help us ensure policies actually work for the people. I will fill the current void by bringing a constituent service office to the district, allowing for walk-in assistance and helpful, round-the-clock resources without needing to venture into the city.

    •    Action Item: Open constituent service office in the district

restore active representation 

We cannot afford complacent, passive representation at any level of government. We need elected officials who will stick their neck out for their values. I will champion a holistic, progressive Democratic agenda, fighting for all the policies that make us proud to call Massachusetts our home.

Where I Stand and What I'll Do